Product Review: Samsonite Tectonic Backpack

by katelin on September 1, 2011

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It’s no secret that I live on my computer. I use one all day at work and even when I get home I manage to turn ours own to either blog or peruse or yeah, I’m addicted.

However what you probably don’t know is that Matt has been using the computer during his work day too. Matt is a general contractor and for a while his boss was out of town. And it got pretty boring/lonely/quiet for Matt working all day by himself. So he figured he’d bring the computer to work to play music or podcasts or even some videos. However there was a small issue of transporting the computer and the wires and all that jazz back and forth with him since our laptop case seemed to have disappeared.

And to the rescue we have the Samsonite Tectonic Laptop Backpack. Seriously they couldn’t have emailed me at a better time to see about trying this backpack out because Matt has put it to great use.

The fact that there is a separate slot for the laptop is great for carrying it around along with other things. Matt puts everything he needs in there from tools to his wallet and even all of the cords. So it’s perfect!

Check him out as he models the backpack:

He’s like a natural Price is Right model, haha:

It’s got a ton of compartments and all sorts of jazzy things perfect for someone that carries a whole lot of stuff with them. I highly recommend this backpack to anyone that needs their laptop on the go!


* Samsonite provided me this schnazzy backpack free of charge and all opinions are mine and Matt’s*

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Paul December 10, 2012 at 3:50 am

thanks for the review
I’m wondering how big the bag is when it carried on the back, finally your description and photo helps me. thank so much =D


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