Book Review: The Hunger Games trilogy

by katelin on April 5, 2011

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*Spoilers alert central: there is no way I could talk about these books without giving something away*

It seemed like Twilight all over again. EVERYONE I knew was talking about these books, saying I just had to read them. My little brother even recommended them (heck I borrowed the second and third books from him) which is rare since he’s 15 and rarely reads for fun these days. Anyhoo, I finally got Hunger Games from the library (the waiting list was insane) and I was pretty much hooked from there.

However, in case you’re like me and had NO IDEA whatsoever what the books were about let me break it down for you as best as I can. Katniss is our heroine and the narrator of all three books. It’s her story, well it’s all from her perspective at least. The story takes place in the far future and North America is a mess and it’s split into thirteen districts and The Capitol runs it all with an iron fist. And to strike fear and obedience into each district The Capitol hosts the annual Hunger Games which selects two kids from each district to fight to the death in a televised event.

Twisted right?

That’s pretty much what I thought the whole time I was reading The Hunger Games, twisted! And dark and morbid…but in a strange way, so fascinating and captivating and intriguing and yes, I was hooked. I mean when kids weren’t killing each other I loved it, other times I really couldn’t get past how creepy it was!

However about midway through The Hunger Games I couldn’t stop gasping and rooting for Katniss and Peeta and just yes, amazing.

And then we have Catching Fire, my favorite of the trilogy. I couldn’t even begin to imagine where the story would go once Katniss and Peeta were named the victors. I mean I hoped a rebellion would spur and something crazy would happen and Katniss would actually love Peeta. But what we had was me on the edge of my seat every time they stopped at a new city and a new order from President Snow.  And then THEY WENT BACK INTO THE QUELL! Seriously, I died people. Too much suspense, my heart couldn’t handle it. And somehow I got past the morbid and was just hoping that everyone would be okay and in love and not enemies and just ah.

Needless to say at the end of Catching Fire when Katniss is rescued and Peeta is captured and District 12 is destroyed I gasped and said vulgar words and then praised the literary gods that I already had Mockingjay ready to go because I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!

So then we have Mockingjay. The revolution, the revolt, the war, whatever you want to call it. Katniss becomes the symbol of the rebels dressed as a Mockingjay and everyone lives in District 13 and life is strict and crazy and Peeta is in the Capitol and just man. THE SUSPENSE.

I pretty much decided that not only would I never in a million years survive the Hunger Games but living in District 13 would drive me a little batty, so I definitely understood Katniss’ rebellious tendencies and openly welcomed them. Anyhoo, eventually Peeta is rescued and we think all is right in the world (well besides the war that’s going on) but THEN HE TRIES TO KILL KATNISS and he’s brainwashed and I screamed and I gasped and STOP PULLING AT MY HEARTSTRINGS lady!

And then the story wraps up the war and the rebels win, although Prim dies (so SAD!) and Katniss kills President Coin and gets arrestedish and goes to live in District 12 and marries Peeta, who is no longer warped and just whoa.

I mean, yes this is the weirdest review ever but I can’t actually put these stories into words.

Once the initial shock of the morbid premise and the vast amount of people that actually die (and quite savagely) in all three books wore off I truly enjoyed the love triangle (although I was Team Peeta all the way) story and Katniss’ spark and wittiness and just yes.

So yes I recommend this series and yes I am curious to see where the movie goes and just yes. And if you read it, what did you think?

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